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"Jimmy is the man! Great drums, cool tunes, and one of the best producers around."
-- Ray Manzarek,
The Doors

"Jimmy Hunter helped get me to number 16 on the music charts. Cazador studio is a world of music!"
-- Jeffry S. Rients,

"I've known Jimmy for years; he has my complete trust and confidence. He knows music!"
-- Ray Manzarek
The Doors

"I feel that I excel to new musical heights because of Jimmy's guidance."
-- Bob Birch
Elton John Band Bassist

"This soulman rocks!"
-- Nick Gilder

"Jimmy is the man! Great drums, cool tunes, and one of the best producers around."
-- Ray Manzarek,
The Doors

"As a producer he is gentle, kind, honest, helpful and relentless in his pursuit of perfection. His ears will never let you down."
-- Bobbo Staron

"A producer whose excellent musical perceptions are matched only by his ability to understand the creative artist."
-- Melody Pierson,

"Mega chops with a signal and an artist with ProTools. I look forward to the chance to work with him again."
-- Bobbo Staron

"Jimmy Hunter is an excellent producer and musician, who gets the best out of anyone who works with him."
-- Bob Birch,
Elton John Band Bassist

"Working with Jimmy is an exciting, rewarding experience. He can unlock the magic of any songwriter, vocalist, or musician."
-- Marcus King

"Working with and being produced by Jimmy brought me the inspiration to complete my first CD, and the confidence to call myself a singer-songwriter."
-- Lisa Gold

What can you expect from Jimmy Hunter
as your Producer?

When you work with Jimmy Hunter, you find a fellow artist who will help you to achieve and refine your vision. He has the experience and tools to get the ultimate sound for your music and bring out the very best in you:

    A State-of-the-Art Recording Studio
    Featuring Digital ProTools HD Accel

    A producer who owns his own studio saves big bucks on production budgeting without cutting corners on quality. Combine Jimmy Hunter's organic feel for music with the leading-edge gear and you've got the right recipe to make your music fly.

    Expert ProTools HD Accel Audio Engineering
    For today's professionals, Pro Tools HD Accel is the industry standard. Jimmy's AE (Audio Engineering) and computer skills can turn the power of this program into an advantage for you.

    World-renowned Studio Musicians
    Need players for your tracks? Cazador Recording offers a bevy of brilliant studio musician veterans - many of them former bandmates of Jimmy's who give him a special rate on his productions.

    In-studio Vocal Coaching
    Good vocal coaching can mean the difference between a lackluster performance and one with power and conviction. Jimmy has learned valuable techniques and tricks from some of the best singers in Los Angeles.

    Music Programming / MIDI Song Production
    Programmed tracks often sound mechanical and forced. Hunter "humanizes" them and brings life to drum machines, keyboards, and more.

You will find Jimmy Hunter's presence and passion as a producer can help you make your music the best it can be.

Here's what Jonathan Widran recently wrote about Jimmy in the "Producer Crosstalk" section of Music Connection Magazine:

Jimmy Hunter
Veteran Drummer/Producer of Up-and-Comers

By Jonathan Widran

Long a champion of ambitious up-and-coming artist and bands, Jimmy Hunter parlayed a vibrant career as a session and touring drummer (with Ray Manzarek, Flo & Eddie, Nick Gilder, etc.) into a thriving business as a producer and studio owner. His Web site jimmyhunter.com features glowing words from rock heavies like Manzarek and a sea of who's who type rock & roll credits, but more importantly lists the features artists can expect when they start working at his West Hollywood-based Cazador Studios.
These are expert ProTools HD engineering, a state-of-the-art digital recording studio, live drum/band tracking, music programming and MIDI song production, in-studio vocal coaching and the contributions of world-renowned studio musicians from the ranks of Hunter's decades of rock associations (such as longtime Elton John bassist Bob Birch and K-Ci & JoJo guitarist David Scott). Hunter began transitioning from straight drumming to the studio world when the early Eighties popularity of the LINN 9000 took away many potential gigs, and over the years he has evolved from a studio owner for hire to a full-time producer.

"In my session days, I had the great fortune to work with top producers like Don Was, and I've applied my own experience of working with so many top guys to the creative situations with artists at Cazador," he says. "I'm involved with every project that comes here, and with certain artists, like Jenny Chen, I even get involved in the songwriting process. She's a dance diva type, and she came in with a lot of great song ideas that weren't fully developed. Some will come in here knowing just what they want, but part of what I do is help those who aren't quite 'there' to realize their material.

Hunter estimates that he has produced upwards of 3,000 songs in his career. His initial meetings with potential artist/clients involve listening to their material and then searching his own catalog for comparable styles, to see if there's a creative match going on. Some of his recent projects besides Jenny Chen are Hook (an avant guard Jeff Beck-like instrumental trio which Hunter recorded in one or two takes), rock vocalist David Paris' Two Zero Zero Two, a new age piano recording for Tom Powers and three unplugged solo albums for swamp rocker Bobbo Staron, currently a member of Border Radio. Hunter plays many of the instruments himself and offers his expertise as a vocalist and drummer.

"It's an eclectic mix, absolutely," he says, "but my approach really doesn't deviate all that much from project to project. The goal is to bring the best out of the artist and take them to the next level. This involves three key points which are locked into my subconscious at all times. Timing, pitch and interpretation. Meaning, I must make sure that the lead voice or instrument is in time with the drumming or groove, that, the ProTools or not, it's in tune with the rest of the track, and that they are interpreting the melody the right way. I listen to them the way a radio listener would, getting things in tune and time so that the song can be felt and not subject to disturbances. The artists have to focus on these things as well for the track to be successful."

Hunter's penchant for poetry and metaphor is clear when he compares the art of building a great production to the craft of building a garage from the cement slab up. "There's the framework, wiring, drywall, which for me translates to a solid bass and drum foundation which must serve the song. Once I get the vocal or lead melodic instrument, then there's the sweetening process. I love to work with any artist who has good songs and strong vocal prowess.

Music Connection September 16-29, 2002

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