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"Jimmy Hunter is an excellent producer and musician, who gets the best out of anyone who works with him."
-- Bob Birch,
Elton John Band Bassist

"Working with Jimmy is an exciting, rewarding experience. He can unlock the magic of any songwriter, vocalist, or musician."
-- Marcus King

Expert ProTools 10 HD6 Accel
Audio Engineering
Music Production Abilities

Jimmy has been producing and engineering music projects since 1985. He moved from the world of analog into digital state-of-the-art ProTools in 1997.

Hunter's powerful 8 Core and 30" super-wide screen is a fully loaded top-of-the-line ProTools 10 HD6 Accel rig. It is the perfect complement to both his studio and engineering experience.

Photo of Jimmy Hunter by Nick Melillo

Jimmy Hunter has been blessed with a keen set of ears for musical timing, pitch, interpretation, conviction and "vibe." Over the years, he has developed an uncanny ability to hone in on disturbances and correct them. In other words, Jimmy combines his natural gifts with the most powerful tools on the planet to eliminate problematic issues or challenges quickly and directly -- which will save you lots of money in studio time.

Because he is a veteran Hollywood studio drummer, Hunter knows how drums should be leveled and recorded. Because the keyboard is his second instrument, Jimmy also works well with other keyboardists and speaks their language too. He thinks, acts and reacts like a feeling passionate "heads up" type musician, not just some button-pushing technician.

Jimmy Hunter as a drummer has been in bands with some of the world's greatest musicians and carries this experience into his studio.

Jimmy puts love into every project and at times he makes himself available to give ProTools lessons at Cazador to newer users.

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