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"Jimmy Hunter is an excellent producer and musician, who gets the best out of anyone who works with him."
-- Bob Birch,
Elton John Band Bassist

"Jimmy is the most musical drummer in the world. When he's driving the train you had better be ready because the groove never stops!"
-- John Harden
Iggy Pop's Sax Player

Jimmy Hunter is an accomplished Drummer
A Veteran Hollywood Studio Musician

For the last three decades, drummer Jimmy Hunter has been busy, both on the road and in the studio -- as well as in front of the camera on occasion! You can find a list of his credits below.

    Recordings as a Drummer
    Rock solid grooves, tasty fills coupled with an urgent attitude characterize the Jimmy Hunter drumming style. He remains in great demand in the studio.

    Band History
    From Detroit R&B to L.A. Rock, Jimmy has put in thousands of road miles as a lifetime pro musician!

    TV and Film Appearances
    Both on-camera and off, both Jimmy's face and stick work has appeared in some classic movies and hit TV shows.

Jimmy as Music Director and Drummer for Todd Stanford Country group
LIVE at Lancaster CA Fair Grounds.

Because of his experience, Jimmy knows what if feels like to be in your shoes! He works especially well with singers, musicians, bands and artists because he has been -- and still is -- in those positions.

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